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Nitrox Course Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you offer Nitrox courses?
You can enroll in your Nitrox course today and start today. We offer an online course and we offer a traditional classroom driven course through PADI. We offer the classroom driven course at least once per month, and the Practical Session for the online course is offered in both locations every month.

What if the scheduled courses don't work for me?
Contact our training department and we will be happy to work with you and arrange a class that will meet your schedule.

What is the difference between the online course and the traditional classroom driven course?
The course content is very similar. However, an instructor driven course allows for maximum interaction and a few stories too. The Online Course is truly beneficial for divers looking to get Nitrox certified quickly and/or minimize their time in the classroom. Schedules can sometimes be tricky. The Online Nitrox Course fits everyone’s busy schedule.

What am I able to do once I take your Nitrox courses?
At the end of either Nitrox course, you will be able to dive up to 40% Oxygen Blends of Nitrox. This includes renting a tank, requesting a fill, or planning a dive. Being trained in Nitrox diving is the only way to stay safe when diving Enriched Air.

How long does it take to complete the courses?
Our online Nitrox course takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete and then about a 30 to 60 minute practical application at one of our locations. The traditional classroom session has about 4 to 5 hours of homework (that must be completed prior to class) and then the class itself takes a full four hours.

Do I need to have an analyzer?
No, you do not need to own an analyzer. You can rent one for the class or practical session. The rental cost is $10 for the session. You will receive a $15 coupon towards purchasing an O2 Analyzer at the Academy of Scuba.

Can I learn as well online as I could with a real live instructor?
Different people learn best in different ways. For some, it’s a traditional classroom setting. Others prefer to have a real live textbook they can touch, feel, and flip through. Most people, however, find that computer-based learning systems provide the best possible combination of convenience, enjoyment, and effective learning.

What’s important to understand, however, is that just because you are learning in the comfort and convenience of your home or office doesn’t mean you are on your own. The staff at will be monitoring your progress, and is available by email if you have questions.

What certification will I earn?
At the end of your successful completion of either the online course and all its practical requirements or the traditional classroom driven course and all its practical requirements, you will have earned your PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Certification.

At the end of the Online course work, will I be certified or do I need to do more?
At the end of your online course, you will still have to come to our dive shop to do your practical assessment. We are located in metro Phoenix. Click Here for directions.

What is the Practical Assessment?
For your practical assessment, you will come to one of our locations and do the following tasks as a part of your practical assessment: (1) Analyze a minimum of two Nitrox Tanks, (2) Log your analysis in a Nitrox Fill Log, (3) Program a Nitrox compatible computer with both mixes, (4) Label both tanks with the analyzed mix and the correct maximum operating depth.

What’s included in my Online Nitrox Course?
Your Online Nitrox Course includes access to the PADI eLearning Center, Your Certification Fees (when earned), Instructor Support via phone, email or in-shop, your practical assessment at one of our 2 locations, and your practical assessment gases.

What’s not included in my Online Nitrox Course?
Your Analyzer (either to own or rent) and your travel expenses. Otherwise, if it is not listed above, it is not included.

Can I go to any instructor to do the practical assessment?
We will happily issue you a free referral if you choose to do your practical assessment with another instructor. However, they must (1) accept the referral from us, and (2) they may charge you extra for the practical assessment and that would be your cost.

What’s included in my Classroom Driven Nitrox Course?
Your Classroom Driven Enriched Air Nitrox Course includes Your Training, Your Certification Fees (when earned), Instructor Support via phone, email or in-shop, your practical assessment, and your practical assessment gases.

What’s not included in my Classroom Driven Nitrox Course?
Your Analyzer (either to own or rent), your PADI Enriched Air Diver Manual (includes Dive Computer simulator) for $63.05, and your travel expenses. Otherwise, if it is not listed above, it is not included.

How do I sign up for my course?
You can sign up online, come into one of our two Phoenix locations, or call us on the telephone.

I want to learn more about Nitrox, where can I do that?
Check out our General Nitrox Information and our Nitrox FAQs

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