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Nuvair Pro O2 Nitrox Analyzer

Easy to operate, extremely accurate and stable, the Nuvair Pro O2 unit is preferred by commercial, military, technical, and advanced recreational divers using Nitrox. Our water and impact resistant case is designed for everyday use in the marine environment. To change the battery or Sensor, simply unscrew the 4 screws and you have easy access to these user changeable components. The Pro O2 analyzer can be placed in line with your compressor during gas production or as a standalone unit testing an individual scuba tank or storage cylinders of Nitrox. We offer a wide range of accessories for adapting to compressors and diver (buoyancy compensator) BC power inflators. All Pro O2 units are built in house, tested before leaving, and are ready to use upon receipt.


Nuvair O2 Quickstick

The O2 Quickstick is the first Diver Friendly oxygen analyzer available anywhere! Easy to use...effective...and amazingly affordable! The O2 Quickstick is designed for the nitrox diver who wants the security and convenience of having his own O2 analyzer and does not want to pay a small fortune to own one. Operating the O2 Quickstick is as simple as pointing at the tank valve and "shooting" with only one hand needed! Features an On/Off switch and the replaceable thermally compensated sensor maintains accuracy levels that exceed dive industry standards. The unit is totally O-ring sealed for excellent water resistance...and as one of the lowest priced consumer analyzers on the market, you will not be able to resist buying it!


Personalized Nitrox Tank Tags

Personalized Tank Tags
These personalized Nitrox tank tags make it easy for you to remember what you have analyzed and also reminds you of your Maximum Operating Depth (MOD). Complete with your personal initials, they come in two distinct sets: 10 tags for EAN 28% - 38% and 20 tags for EAN 21% - 40%.


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