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Nitrox Basics: Partial Pressure (Part 3)

What the heck?  Partial Pressure Explained … Partial pressure is a term used in gas laws. Without getting into a physics lesson, in a gas mixture, each gas has a partial pressure which is equal to the fraction of gas represented in the mix multiplied by the pressure.

Nitrox Basics: Oxygen Toxicity and The New Diver (Part 2)

As a Nitrox Diver, you have to understand Oxygen Toxicity At this point, you have to be asking, why didn’t I hear about the adverse effects of oxygen in my Open Water or Beginner Scuba Diver certification class? Good question; and some agencies are changing that and making it a part of the beginner...

Nitrox Basics: Oxygen Management (Part 1)

Do you know how to Manage Oxygen? Hovering over a reef, camera in hand – you see that juvenile spotted drumfish that you’ve been chasing for the last half hour. Finally, he has come out into the open and is parked in front of this spectacular purple sponge and bright orange anemone. Your frame...

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